Friday, December 28, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #14- Nail Polish Gift Set

This Christmas I was very adamant about staying on a budget. I'm a post graduate who's priorities are Rent, Food, Laundry, and more food. I saw this pin a few months ago and I have a few friends who I think would really like it. Oh and if they didn't...then I don't really give a damn. ^_^

Here's the simple how to...

What You'll Need:

-Mason Jar
-Nail Polish(s)
-Cotton Pads (or balls)
-Nail Clipper
-Nail File
-Nail Buffer
-Travel Sized Nail Polish Remover

Step 1:

Layer your cotton pads at the bottom of the jar. Some people prefer to use cotton balls, but I hate using them to clean my nails. They're messy and the lint gets all over the place and they F@#$k up my manicure...and nobody wants that.

Step 2:

Fill with nail polish remover, nail polish, and buffer. Put the big items in first so that you can stuff the smaller items in between them.

Step 3:

Drop in your nail clippers and nail file, then seal the jar.

Step 4:

Decorate with some ribbon and it's all done!

I added a monogrammed letter to the top of the jar for each person. Just to give it a little something something.

Really quick and simple and these mason jar sets aren't pricey either. They make you look a little classier than some cheap insensitive friend who just buys a nail polish and stuffs it into a tacky bag.

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Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #13: Sprinkle Coated Ornament

So my girlfriend Nicole LOVES sprinkles. If she could marry them she would...I mean I don't think that's true but I need to add emphasis to the sprinkle.


I made some glitter ornaments and thought I might as well try to make a sprinkle one too. I saw it on Pinterest a few months ago and thought I'd give it a go.

What You'll Need:

-Clear Ornament
-Pledge Floor Care Finish
-Paper Cone or Funnel

Note*: So this challenge is basically the same as my glitter one, so you can go check out the link here and do the same thing but just exchange the glitter for sprinkles.

Here are some tips:

1. So.... since the sprinkles are candy coated, you should let the floor finish dry a little longer before you start pouring in the sprinkles.

2. Also go slow when you start to swirl the ornament. The sprinkles are much heavier than the glitter and need a sec or so to adhere to the floor finish.

3. You may notice that some of the color from the sprinkles are running, but if you leave the ornament to dry a little longer before you poured them in, then you can help reduce the running.

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Pinterest Challenge #12: Glitter Ornaments

Need some glitter ornaments and you just can't seem to find any that match your color scheme? Or don't really want to spend a ridiculous amount of $$$ for some that you can totally make for so much less. Well this pin can help a brotha' or sista' out.

Along with Fine Art and Ethnic Studies, I majored in procrastination. It's only like 2 days away from Christmas I just did my shopping two days ago and I'm barley making my ornaments. Better late than never right?

Well here's the simple how to...

What You'll Need:

-Clear Ornaments
-Paper to make a funnel (or small funnel)
-Pledge Floor Cleaner
-Glitter Sticker (Optional)

Step 1:

First you need to take off the cap and metal thingy that you put your hook on. I'm sure theres a name for it....but WHATEVER.

Step 2: 

Now you need to squirt a little of the floor cleaner into the ornament and swoosh it around so it's entirely coated. Try not to shake it all gentle, this way you don't create a bunch of bubbles inside. Pour the excess liquid back into the bottle.

Step 3:

If you have a funnel then great! If not...then you're life is about to get 20% harder. Grab a piece of paper and make a little cone/funnel.

Step 4:

Pour in your glitter (be generous), and swirl it around until the ornament is covered entirely. Pour excess glitter back into container.

Step 5:

Snap the cap and hook thingy back on and you're all finished!

Super easy and this is something you could do with kids, but no shame if you're totally into making glitter ornaments on your own. I mean I did....

Don't judge....

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Monday, December 24, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #11: Snow Flakes Made Out of Old Keys

So as most of you know (which is probably none of you), I work at a Hardware Store here in the city. I got hired to help out with creating window displays, among other things. So when the Holidays started coming around, I couldn't wait to start making my display for December. We cut a lot of keys here and whenever we mess up on a cut we just toss the old keys in a bin. I thought..."these would be great snowflakes". The cuts in the keys make for some really interesting patterns, and when they're hung they look so nice. I didn't see this pin on Pinterest.....yet. So I thought I'd make it one. Here's the simple how to.

What You'll Need:

-Keys (I used 6-8 depending on the size of the keys)
-Washers (Mine were  1 3/4 in Diameter)
-Glue (for metal)
-Small Brush
-Something heavy to put pressure on Keys
-Spray Paint (optional)
-Glitter (Optional)
-Wire or Ribbon (for hanging)

Step 1:

Dab a little glue onto your washer, spread it out with a brush, then press your keys firmly onto washer. Don't over do it with the glue. It smells bad, highly flammable, and a little goes a long way. It should set in 5-10 minutes, and it's ready to handle after an hour.

Step 2:

Put something heavy onto the keys so it adds pressure. Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 3:

Now turn the piece over and to do the same thing. This time you'll put the keys in between the openings so it looks like a snowflake.

Step 4:

Repeat step 2. Add weight and leave it for 10 minutes

Step 5:

So if you want to leave it silver, by all means go ahead. It looks great this way. Very industrial and the light it will reflect from your tree will look really pretty.

If not...then this is the time for you to spray paint and/or add some glitter. This way if you have a color scheme in your tree, then you can match it.

It would also look really nice if you had a bunch of different colored keys, or if some were a lot duller than others. Try searching at thrift shops or flea markets!

There you have it!

Now just hang and you're done.

I used a few master lock keys

I made all of these little cuties for my display at work. If you're in SF, stop by 1061 Folsom St and check it out!

Candy Canes Made Out of Conduit & Pipe Insulation 

Snow Man made of Buckets 

I'll add another photo with all the gifts I wrapped later

Fall Display Vs. Winter Display 

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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #10: Spider Web Wreath

So lately I've been into this whole "make my own wreath" kick. It's a lot cheaper and I don't have to settle for those tacky over sized ones from Target. I saw this cute spider web one for Halloween and I thought to myself..."Ok I can make that look SO MUCH better". So I tried, and this is what I came up with. 

What You'll Need:
-Pipe Insulation
-Vinyl Tubing
-Duct Tape
-Cheese Cloth
-Spider Webs
-Spiders (not real ones...well unless you want)
-Ribbon for hanging (Optional)

Step 1: Cut your foam pipe insulation. I cut mine about 3 feet, you can make it smaller or bigger depending on how large/small you want your wreath.

Step 2: When you go to the hardware store, ask them if they can cut you a piece of vinyl tubing. If you aren't buying the pipe insulation at the same time, make sure to bring it in with you so that you can get the right size diameter. Mine was 3/4 and it fit snugly inside my pipe insulation. Have them cut you a slightly smaller size than your insulation. So if you have 3 ft (36 inches) pipe insulation, make the vinyl tubing 34-35 inches. I'll explain the next step.

The type of Vinyl Tubing I used

Step 3: Stuff your pipe insulation with the vinyl tubing. I did this because, when I was trying to form the wreath, it would always buckle because the insulation was too hollow inside. I tried stuffing it with plastic bags, but it didn't really work out. So since I work at a hardware store, I thought I would try vinyl tubing, and it worked wonderfully! There were no more buckles and it was really sturdy. Make sure you stick a little  bit of tubing out of one side. This way when you tape it, the two ends of the tubing are inside the pipe insulation, not where the opening is. It will make it sturdier and prevent it from bending awkwardly.
No! Buckling! 

Plastic Bags = Fail

Step 4: Now duct tape that sucker! I did it about 4 times.

Step 5: I used cheese cloth to cover the wreath, just so I could hide the grey insulation and make it look more like a spiderweb nest.

Another person to help you would be perfect here!

Step 6: Decorate your wreath! You won't be using an entire bag of spiderwebs, so I cut the bundle in half then stretched it out and snipped off any excess to my liking. I did two layers, one in the front, and one in the back so that I could throw some spiders in the middle and make it look more like a nest. Cover it in spiders, add any other type of decorations like painted letters or numbers for your address. Something cute! Then hang with ribbon. I have a glass door, so I just used a suction cup with a hook.

There you have it!!!

I need to get a new phone is getting cheesy really quick. Maybe for x mas???

Now would I recommend this pin? If you're into crafting and have the effort to go to the hardware store and buy all these things then YES I would. I like tedious work at times and honestly there are some days when I would leave the wreath alone in my room for like a week, then go back later and finish it. Maybe that's why I only had it up for 3 days lol. Did I mention that I minored in procrastination in college?

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