Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #2: Splitting Glass Bottles

So about two months ago I came across this awesome pin. Someone tied some string around a bottle of wine from their wedding and cut it in half and used it as a vase. It's no secret that I LOVE flowers and it's also no secret that I'm broke as a joke and can't afford vases. Everyone right now is into the "Craft & DIY" movement, and repurposing those $2 buck chucks from trader joe's is a perfect thing for this next challenge.

So when I read the tutorial, the woman used twine, soaked it in nail polish remover, lit it on fire, then submerged the bottle in ice water. After reading some of the comments I noticed that so many people struggled, and after that I had my doubts. I'm like "who's this chick trying to fool?", I mean can you really cut a bottle in half with some string and nail polish remover? Well apparently you can and here's my how to.

What you'll need:

Cotton Yarn (any color, but a deep magenta would be fabulous)
Nail Polish Remover (make sure it has acetone in it)
A Large Bowl Filled w/ Iced Water (or a plugged up sink)
Matches or Lighter 
Glass Bottles (beer, wine, soda, jars)
Sandpaper (medium grit)

Step 1: Pick your bottle.

I'm using a pint beer bottle (Mission St. Heff...you've got to try it!), a coke bottle, and a wine botttle

Step 2: Wrap your string around the area you want the bottle cut. 

So when I first tried this, I was using a very thin cotton twine that you can pick up from any hardware store. After 2 failed attempts I gave up and decided to use yarn. HUGE DIFFERENCE!
This String did NOTHING for me

Wrap your yarn around the bottle 6-8 times (I did it 8 times first)

Tie a knot, then snip the ends.

Step 3: Soak Your yarn in Nail Polish Remover

Now slide the yarn off your bottle. Next I grabbed a little dish, placed my yarn in the center and then poured my nail polish remover over my yarn.

Important*- Make sure your nail polish remover has acetone in it. It won't work otherwise, just check the back of your bottle and if acetone is one of the listed ingredients then you're all set!
I pat the yarn down with the cap

The pinterest tutorial said to soak it for 10 seconds, but I left mine in for like 30 seconds to a minute. I had to go to the bathroom, so stop judging.

Step 4: Slide Your yarn back onto the bottle 

Since my yarn was kind of thick, I squished it a little so some of the nail polish remover would wring out. Place it back onto the bottle where you want it to split in half.

Then rinse your hands, you don't want those little piggies catching on fire. Can fingers be piggies? Maybe? Whatever.

Step 5: Light that yarn on fire!

So at this point you should either have your sink full of ice cold water. Not regular cold...ice cold. You need to be able to "shock" the bottle, the quick transition from hot to cold is what helps the bottle crack. Or you can use a big ass bowl. Don't have a lot of ice? Just place your bowl in the freezer for 10-20 minutes.
Big ass bowl for smaller bottles

Sink plugged up and filled with ice

Now grab your matches or lighter and light the yarn on fire.

It's hard to take a picture with one hand while rotating a bottle with the other

Make sure you're in a safe place so you don't catch anything else on fire.

Once the yarn is lit, keep rotating the bottle so that the flames go around the bottle evenly. Also make sure the bottle opening is tilted downward, so that the heat from the flame stays in the bottle and doesn't escape easily from the opening. You might hear some cracking, this is a good thing!

Step 6: Dunk your bottle in iced water

Once the flames go out, submerge your bottle in the iced water, but then I realized that the pint bottle wasn't going to fit into my bowl...FAIL.

You should definitely measure your bottles first just so this FAIL doesn't happen to you

So I filled the sink with water and ice, then tried it again!

Now the bottle should split in two!


It took me almost 4 tries to break the pint bottle, this is some thick glass! It only took me once with the coke bottle and wine bottle.

*Pint bottle: Wrapped it once 9 times, it didn't work. Wrapped it 21 times and it split!
*Coke bottle: Wrapped it 8 times, worked great!
*Cheap wine bottle: Wrapped it 8 times, it was ok but it cracked too much, I would wrap it maybe 5 times next time.

I started laughing and I got all giddy when the bottle split in two! Then I realized I was getting excited about breaking a bottle in half...(I don't get out much)

Anyways! I was pretty happy that it worked!

Empty your bowl or drain your sink, throw away your yarn and dry your bottles.

Step 7: Sand edges

So you might not always get a perfect break, my first bottle was a little uneven...but I play it off. I'm like "No, that's what gives it character!"

Haters gunna hate.

Take some medium grit sandpaper and then round your edges and clean up the rim of your bottle. If you have a little grinder that will work perfect and it make your sanding go by so much faster! Then again, who has a grinder on them? It's important that if you're going to use these glasses for drinking then make sure you really round off your edges so you don't get any cuts on your beautiful lips.


There you have it! Now you've got some awesome vases, drinking glasses, candle holders!

Ignore my ugly flower display 

I recommend this to all my friends who want to try it. It was pretty easy after the first try! Now next time you have your next rager, save those bottles and make some glasses and vases for your friends!

Questions? Comments? Feedback? I'd love to hear from you! Also feel free to follow me on Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram! Not that I'm desperate or anything...

<3 Josue

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