Thursday, September 6, 2012

A Few of My Favorite Things

My birthday is coming up, and I thought I should do a little pre-shopping before the big day.

I've been addicted to Etsy lately and I ordered a handful of necklaces. Plus I decided I wanted to try painting my nails. I'm looking for a good nude and grey. Hm....

Glitter might not be for everyday, but it was fun finding my inner Beyonce. 

I'd have to say I LOVE this lace one! Vintage lace between micro glass.

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<3 Josue

Pinterest Challenge #4: Cork board makeover

Growing up, a majority of us had a cork board in our room. Covered in tragic homecoming photos, old movie stubs, and concert tickets from bad bands we used to like. I bought one earlier this year and it was so sad, just sitting there all plain and cork like. Don't get me wrong, I love me some natural cork, paired with some cute ass cream wall? Yes please!

Well I just painted my wall mint, and that cork was a no go! I saw this pin and some chick covered her cork board in this cute coral fabric with white geometric designs, then she used pushed pins to create a faux upholstery finish. So my search for fabric began and here's how I did it...

What you'll need:

-Cork board
-Spray Adhesive
-Push Pins
-Staple Gun

Step 1: Get your fabric! It took me MONTHS to find something I wanted. I know I wanted grey, and I wanted chevron. I went to three fabric stores, and of course I end up at the pricey one! My mom always said I was born into the wrong family. She's a hater...

I walked in, saw the walls covered in fabric and I died. I could've spent hours there, but I had work in 30 minutes and I had to bike my ass down to Folsom & 7th from Union square. After a few moments I came across this fabulous grey chevron fabric and I bought it within 10 minutes. Impulsive much? Whatever! I got a yard and a half, and spent too much. I looked at it as an investment piece.

Step2: Measure your fabric and cut that sucker up! Leave a little extra cause you'll need to fold it over and staple

Step 3: Iron the fabric, get rid of those wrinkles!

Step 4: Spray your cork board. The adhesive helps the fabric stick, and it limits the amount of air bubbles. Very Important!!!! If you're using a pattern make sure you align it! I made that mistake and it's a tid bit crooked. Oh well! Use your hand to smooth out any air bubbles. 

Step 5: Now it's time for the most tedious, time consuming, thumb splitting part. Pushing over 200 thumbtacks into your cork board. I chose a nickel finish. I could've finished in a day, but I wanted to give my little thumbs a break.

Step 6: Now once all your push pins are in place, it's time for you to staple your fabric to the back of the board. Pull the fabric taut and place a staple every few inches.

Step 7: Almost done! Now you need to hammer in some hanging hardware. I used the cute little teeth guys and some nails.

Step 8: Drill holes into your walls, put in a couple of screws and then hang! 

I'm really anal about it being leveled, so make sure you make sure it's straight. 
 There you have it! A more grown up version of the cork board. I decided to see how all my necklaces would look on it. It's cute, but probably just temporary. I'm in the middle of re-painting some shelves and going to make a some type of jewelry storage. (post soon to follow)

Now would I recommend this pin? Absolutely! Let's say you have plain walls because your landlord won't let you paint, or maybe you have too much color and need some soft neutrals to balance everything out. The board will help tone down bright walls or add a nice pop of color/pattern to your wall.

Here's some recommendations! Next time I would look around for some cheaper fabric. Although I'm in love with the one I have now, I didn't like the dent it left in my wallet. I'm a broke post-graduate who has to pay rent! So try looking online for some deals, check out when your local fabric store is having a sale or any kind of coupon deals, or just thrift it! Find a XXL large shirt or dress and use that!

Take your time! Especially if you have a pattern, this is will be on your wall for a while and you don't want to loom over the fact that you didn't align something or that your pushpins didn't line up with each other.

Good luck with your makeovers!

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<3 Josue

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From drawer knob to necklace

So this isn't a pinterest challenge but I thought I'd share this fun DIY project I did a few days ago.

It all started with this awesome knob I got from Anthropologie. I was repurposing my dad's old desk that he gave me and I used this particular knob for one of the drawers (you can check out the makeover here that was featured on Design Sponge & Apartment Therapy).

One day my lazy ass decided to tie my shoe, and where did I decide to lean my foot? Yes...on the knob...don't ask why, I hate myself already. Next thing you know I almost eat S#@*! and the knob just snaps off the rod. So sad, I cried for weeks (not really)....(maybe).

After a couple of months I tried fixing it, I used over 4 types of glue and tried more than a handful of methods to place the knob back onto the rod. Then one day at work I actually did it, and it seemed really strong! I put it back on my dresser and next thing you know it was back in action.

The next day it broke again...I gave up!

I loved the way this knob looked so I figured if it's not going to go on my desk...then I need to figure out another way to reuse it. Then I thought..."why not a necklace?". I've been needing more jewelry in my life. So here's what I did...

I went to the fabric store and bought chain, rings, and a lobster clasp. Cost me about $5, and my chain was 34 inches long.

This Particular knob had a rod that went through it, and I assumed they must have put some type of glue or locktite on the screw because it was NOT what does a guy do? He pulls out some bolt cutters and goes at! A little dramatic, but in the end it did the job!

The benefits of working at a hardware store

The aftermath 

Once I was done getting all Edward Scissor hands on the knob, I put the chain, rings, and lobster clasp together.

I wasn't sure how I wanted to string the necklace, there was the obvious holes where the rod once was, but there were a bunch of other places that had cut-outs for me to string the chain. In the end I chose to string it through the holes where the rod was, I liked the way it laid. It didn't spin and move around as much, and since it was a pretty chunky piece I felt it needed more stability. Oh...and I was lazy and I didn't want to deal with stringing through all those little holes more than twice.

So here it is! It's a little chunky, but I call it a statement piece. Maybe I'm just in denial.......whatever.

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<3 Josue