Tuesday, September 4, 2012

From drawer knob to necklace

So this isn't a pinterest challenge but I thought I'd share this fun DIY project I did a few days ago.

It all started with this awesome knob I got from Anthropologie. I was repurposing my dad's old desk that he gave me and I used this particular knob for one of the drawers (you can check out the makeover here that was featured on Design Sponge & Apartment Therapy).

One day my lazy ass decided to tie my shoe, and where did I decide to lean my foot? Yes...on the knob...don't ask why, I hate myself already. Next thing you know I almost eat S#@*! and the knob just snaps off the rod. So sad, I cried for weeks (not really)....(maybe).

After a couple of months I tried fixing it, I used over 4 types of glue and tried more than a handful of methods to place the knob back onto the rod. Then one day at work I actually did it, and it seemed really strong! I put it back on my dresser and next thing you know it was back in action.

The next day it broke again...I gave up!

I loved the way this knob looked so I figured if it's not going to go on my desk...then I need to figure out another way to reuse it. Then I thought..."why not a necklace?". I've been needing more jewelry in my life. So here's what I did...

I went to the fabric store and bought chain, rings, and a lobster clasp. Cost me about $5, and my chain was 34 inches long.

This Particular knob had a rod that went through it, and I assumed they must have put some type of glue or locktite on the screw because it was NOT unscrewing...so what does a guy do? He pulls out some bolt cutters and goes at! A little dramatic, but in the end it did the job!

The benefits of working at a hardware store

The aftermath 

Once I was done getting all Edward Scissor hands on the knob, I put the chain, rings, and lobster clasp together.

I wasn't sure how I wanted to string the necklace, there was the obvious holes where the rod once was, but there were a bunch of other places that had cut-outs for me to string the chain. In the end I chose to string it through the holes where the rod was, I liked the way it laid. It didn't spin and move around as much, and since it was a pretty chunky piece I felt it needed more stability. Oh...and I was lazy and I didn't want to deal with stringing through all those little holes more than twice.

So here it is! It's a little chunky, but I call it a statement piece. Maybe I'm just in denial.......whatever.

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<3 Josue

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