Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinterest Challenge#9: Drilling Holes through Pumpkins

So I saw this post over a year ago and I've been eager to try it for a while now. It's way too easy, and you could get really creative with your designs. Here's the extremely simple how to. Honestly I don't even need to give you's really obvious and simple...but I really have nothing else to do. Well I mean...I do, but I'm sleepy and this is easier. 

What You'll Need: 
-Carving Kit (or knife & scraping tools)
-Various Drill Bits

Step 1: Cut off your lid, gut your pumpkin and clean it up. Make sure you always cut your lid at a angle. This creates a lip so that it rests easily on your pumpkin. You don't want it falling through do you?

Step 2: Drill baby drill....(I just died a little inside after typing that). Use various size drill bits to create different designs. I followed the seems on the pumpkin and drilled larger holes far apart from each other, then smaller ones in between.

Make sure you clean your bits, they get sticky

Step 3: Rinse out the holes, and let your pumpkin dry and drain for a little while. Or pat down with towel.

There you have it! Simple pumpkin carving!

Horrible photo, but you get it right? 

Would I recommend this pin? Why yes I would! Super easy and you can do it last minute! So last minute that I'm even  posting this blog entry on Halloween day lol!

Oh and check out my sugar skull pumpkin I made! ^_^


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<3 Josue

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #8: Pumpkin Candy Jars

So this original pin was just some terracotta pots painted, turned upside down and displayed as little jack-o-lanterns. I already have enough pumpkins at home, so I wasn't about to add more s#*@t  to my already cluttered porch. The tutorial is very simple, and you could finish it in a day. Here's how...

What You'll Need:
-Terracotta Pots
-Terracotta Saucers
-Primer Spray Paint
-Orange Spray Paint
-Wooden Knobs
-Browm Paint
-Black Paint
-Paint Brushes 

Step 1: Spray your saucer and pot with primer, and NO you can't skip this step. The spray paint won't stick to the clay. I did about 2 coats, and it dried in about 30-40 minutes.

Step 2: Once your pieces are dry, spray them with your orange spray paint. I used a "Pumpkin Orange" Gloss, how fitting right? I did two coats, and make sure to spray an equal distance so you don't have any streaks. Set aside and let dry for 4-6 hours.

Step 3: While your pots are drying, paint your knobs. They had little holes in the back, so I stuck pens in, the I just dipped them into my paint so that it had a more even tone. I used a pot full of nuts to help balance the pens. Next time I would use rice, or beans.

I laid paper towels down so I wouldn't drip everywhere

All I had was screws when I was drying...

Step 4: Now that the pots are dry, draw little faces on them with sharpie, then paint in with regular paint.

Step 5: Now it's time to glue those painted knobs on the saucers. I dabbed a little glue on them, put some pressure on them for a little while and let them dry for 3 hours.

Now you're all done! Yay! How cute are all these little jars?! Just fill with candy and hand them out as gifts, or just display them around your house.

Would I recommend this pin? Yes! It's one of those last minute decorations that will last you for years! Plus they're functional! They're really easy to make and pretty inexpensive.

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If you're in the SF area, stop by Speedy's Hardware on 1061 Folsom St. to check out my pots and the rest of my Halloween display!

<3 Josue

***Note: These jars are not food safe, I would not put any loose food items inside of the jars. Just wrapped and package candy like the photos above. You could also spray the inside with a clear coat if you don't want any dust from the clay pot on your wrapped candy. 

Friday, October 19, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #7- Mason Jar Lid Pumpkin

I came across this pin about 2 weeks ago and I was like "oh my god, why didn't I think of that!"Super simple, just a bunch of mason jar lids tied together! I get cray cray for mason jars too (yes I just said "cray cray"), so I was really eager to try this one out. The pin didn't give any step by step photos or even tell you how many jar lids to use, so I thought I'd do that for you. This pumpkin can literally be made in about 3 minutes. That's like a Rihanna song, so grab your walkman, bump up "we found love", and make this adorable mason jar lid pumpkin. 

What You'll Need:
-Mason Jar Lids (you'll be using the bands only) ((I used 24 lids))
-Any other type of material for the stem (optional)

Step 1: String your twine through the mason jar bands. I used gold and silver and alternated between the two. Making sure that the lids face the same way.

Step 2: Pull your twine taught, double-knot it, snip off excess, then adjust the lids.

Double Knot that sucker


Snip Snip

little cutie 

Step 3: Cut your burlap to desired height, then cut, roll, and stick in the opening. 

Nail Polish- American Apparel 

I nixed the leaf, it looked too much like an apple

That's it!

I told you it was easy!

Now would I recommend this pin? Yes, it's too easy not to do. If you have some old vintage lids, that would look great. Seeing all the muted tones mixed with newer shinier lids would look really nice.

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<3 Josue

oh btw

I did a couple of different styles. I tried paint chips, crumpled up paper, and burlap. Which do you like?

 Paint Chips

 Crumpled up paper

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #6: Mason Jar Match Holder w/Strike Pad Lid

I love any excuse to use Mason Jars! I saw this pin a while back and thought I would give it go. I'm a big fan of using matches in the bathroom. When you gotta take a stinky, you don't want to leave it that way for your roommates friends/family/etc right? It helps mask the after that awkward personal statement I should move on. You can use them to light your candles, fire place, or anything else that doesn't involve a restroom...

The following tutorial was my second go at this challenge. The first time I didn't really read the directions and made some mistakes that made me DISLIKE this pin lol. the original pin it said that you place your matches in the jar, top with a fine grain sandpaper and then there you have it! So that's what I did...but I failed to read all of the directions to realize that the matches were "strike anywhere matches". So when I tried to light my regular boring matches on the sandpaper...nothing happened. Plus I never removed the piece of the lid that seals the jar. So I was constantly opening and closing the lid...which made me not want to use the jar in the first place. So after some brainstorming, I tried it again and here's my tutorial.

What You'll Need:
-Mason Jar
-Matches Box with a Match Strike 
-Glue Gun

Step 1: Remove the lid from your mason jar and start taking apart your match box. You're going to use the two sides of the match box to make the lid.

Step 2: Cut off the sides of the match box (the sides with the strikes on them) and tape them together with some scotch tape.
You'll be using both strike strips 
The Front (see how the hole is slightly smaller than the actual diameter  of the lid?

The Back

Step 3: Cut the circle out. Try cutting a tiny bit larger than the line you traced. The inside (diameter) of the lid is a slightly larger than the hole you used to trace it with.

Step 4: Next, use one of the extra pieces of cardboard from your box of matches to create another circle. You're going to glue both of these together. I did this just to add a little more structure. Use the outside diameter of the lid and then trim the circle until it fits snugly in the lid.

Perfect Fit!
Step 5: Glue both of the cardboard circles together. 

Step 6: Now that you have your cardboard disc all glued together, now you need to snip a little hole. This allows the matches to come out almost like a toothpick holder. Opening & closing the lid every time will just become a hassle. Keep testing the hole, making sure that it's big enough for matches to come out. You don't want to glue it, then realize that it's too small. (I made that mistake twice!!!)

Step 7: Glue the disc to the lid. You wont be using the part of the lid that seals the mason jar, so you can get rid of it or store it somewhere. 

Clean up any excess dried glue
Step 8: Put your matches in the jar (a lot easier said than done). Try to do a little at a time, they sometimes flip over, and sometimes go sideways. It's probably because the mason jar is taller than the matches. I couldn't find a shorter jar than fit my particular matches. Close the lid and then it's ready to use!

Little cuties

See the purpose of the hole! Ignore my chipped nails! 

There you have it! 
Now would I recommend this pin? Why yes I would! It's a nicer way to display your matches than your regular old box. It's fairly simple to use and very cheap to make. The jar was $2 and the matches were $3. You can also decorate your jar too! Cover it in glitter, bedazzle it, spray paint it some chalkboard paint. Whatever your little heart desires. Cover it in kitten stickers! (I would...)

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<3 Josue