Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #6: Mason Jar Match Holder w/Strike Pad Lid

I love any excuse to use Mason Jars! I saw this pin a while back and thought I would give it go. I'm a big fan of using matches in the bathroom. When you gotta take a stinky, you don't want to leave it that way for your roommates friends/family/etc right? It helps mask the after that awkward personal statement I should move on. You can use them to light your candles, fire place, or anything else that doesn't involve a restroom...

The following tutorial was my second go at this challenge. The first time I didn't really read the directions and made some mistakes that made me DISLIKE this pin lol. the original pin it said that you place your matches in the jar, top with a fine grain sandpaper and then there you have it! So that's what I did...but I failed to read all of the directions to realize that the matches were "strike anywhere matches". So when I tried to light my regular boring matches on the sandpaper...nothing happened. Plus I never removed the piece of the lid that seals the jar. So I was constantly opening and closing the lid...which made me not want to use the jar in the first place. So after some brainstorming, I tried it again and here's my tutorial.

What You'll Need:
-Mason Jar
-Matches Box with a Match Strike 
-Glue Gun

Step 1: Remove the lid from your mason jar and start taking apart your match box. You're going to use the two sides of the match box to make the lid.

Step 2: Cut off the sides of the match box (the sides with the strikes on them) and tape them together with some scotch tape.
You'll be using both strike strips 
The Front (see how the hole is slightly smaller than the actual diameter  of the lid?

The Back

Step 3: Cut the circle out. Try cutting a tiny bit larger than the line you traced. The inside (diameter) of the lid is a slightly larger than the hole you used to trace it with.

Step 4: Next, use one of the extra pieces of cardboard from your box of matches to create another circle. You're going to glue both of these together. I did this just to add a little more structure. Use the outside diameter of the lid and then trim the circle until it fits snugly in the lid.

Perfect Fit!
Step 5: Glue both of the cardboard circles together. 

Step 6: Now that you have your cardboard disc all glued together, now you need to snip a little hole. This allows the matches to come out almost like a toothpick holder. Opening & closing the lid every time will just become a hassle. Keep testing the hole, making sure that it's big enough for matches to come out. You don't want to glue it, then realize that it's too small. (I made that mistake twice!!!)

Step 7: Glue the disc to the lid. You wont be using the part of the lid that seals the mason jar, so you can get rid of it or store it somewhere. 

Clean up any excess dried glue
Step 8: Put your matches in the jar (a lot easier said than done). Try to do a little at a time, they sometimes flip over, and sometimes go sideways. It's probably because the mason jar is taller than the matches. I couldn't find a shorter jar than fit my particular matches. Close the lid and then it's ready to use!

Little cuties

See the purpose of the hole! Ignore my chipped nails! 

There you have it! 
Now would I recommend this pin? Why yes I would! It's a nicer way to display your matches than your regular old box. It's fairly simple to use and very cheap to make. The jar was $2 and the matches were $3. You can also decorate your jar too! Cover it in glitter, bedazzle it, spray paint it some chalkboard paint. Whatever your little heart desires. Cover it in kitten stickers! (I would...)

Questions? Comments? Feedback? I would love to hear from you! Oh and please feel free to follow me on Pinterest, Tumblr, & Instagram.

<3 Josue

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