Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Pinterest Challenge#9: Drilling Holes through Pumpkins

So I saw this post over a year ago and I've been eager to try it for a while now. It's way too easy, and you could get really creative with your designs. Here's the extremely simple how to. Honestly I don't even need to give you's really obvious and simple...but I really have nothing else to do. Well I mean...I do, but I'm sleepy and this is easier. 

What You'll Need: 
-Carving Kit (or knife & scraping tools)
-Various Drill Bits

Step 1: Cut off your lid, gut your pumpkin and clean it up. Make sure you always cut your lid at a angle. This creates a lip so that it rests easily on your pumpkin. You don't want it falling through do you?

Step 2: Drill baby drill....(I just died a little inside after typing that). Use various size drill bits to create different designs. I followed the seems on the pumpkin and drilled larger holes far apart from each other, then smaller ones in between.

Make sure you clean your bits, they get sticky

Step 3: Rinse out the holes, and let your pumpkin dry and drain for a little while. Or pat down with towel.

There you have it! Simple pumpkin carving!

Horrible photo, but you get it right? 

Would I recommend this pin? Why yes I would! Super easy and you can do it last minute! So last minute that I'm even  posting this blog entry on Halloween day lol!

Oh and check out my sugar skull pumpkin I made! ^_^


Questions? Comments? Feedback? I would love to heat from you!

<3 Josue

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