Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #10: Spider Web Wreath

So lately I've been into this whole "make my own wreath" kick. It's a lot cheaper and I don't have to settle for those tacky over sized ones from Target. I saw this cute spider web one for Halloween and I thought to myself..."Ok I can make that look SO MUCH better". So I tried, and this is what I came up with. 

What You'll Need:
-Pipe Insulation
-Vinyl Tubing
-Duct Tape
-Cheese Cloth
-Spider Webs
-Spiders (not real ones...well unless you want)
-Ribbon for hanging (Optional)

Step 1: Cut your foam pipe insulation. I cut mine about 3 feet, you can make it smaller or bigger depending on how large/small you want your wreath.

Step 2: When you go to the hardware store, ask them if they can cut you a piece of vinyl tubing. If you aren't buying the pipe insulation at the same time, make sure to bring it in with you so that you can get the right size diameter. Mine was 3/4 and it fit snugly inside my pipe insulation. Have them cut you a slightly smaller size than your insulation. So if you have 3 ft (36 inches) pipe insulation, make the vinyl tubing 34-35 inches. I'll explain the next step.

The type of Vinyl Tubing I used

Step 3: Stuff your pipe insulation with the vinyl tubing. I did this because, when I was trying to form the wreath, it would always buckle because the insulation was too hollow inside. I tried stuffing it with plastic bags, but it didn't really work out. So since I work at a hardware store, I thought I would try vinyl tubing, and it worked wonderfully! There were no more buckles and it was really sturdy. Make sure you stick a little  bit of tubing out of one side. This way when you tape it, the two ends of the tubing are inside the pipe insulation, not where the opening is. It will make it sturdier and prevent it from bending awkwardly.
No! Buckling! 

Plastic Bags = Fail

Step 4: Now duct tape that sucker! I did it about 4 times.

Step 5: I used cheese cloth to cover the wreath, just so I could hide the grey insulation and make it look more like a spiderweb nest.

Another person to help you would be perfect here!

Step 6: Decorate your wreath! You won't be using an entire bag of spiderwebs, so I cut the bundle in half then stretched it out and snipped off any excess to my liking. I did two layers, one in the front, and one in the back so that I could throw some spiders in the middle and make it look more like a nest. Cover it in spiders, add any other type of decorations like painted letters or numbers for your address. Something cute! Then hang with ribbon. I have a glass door, so I just used a suction cup with a hook.

There you have it!!!

I need to get a new Camera....my phone is getting cheesy really quick. Maybe for x mas???

Now would I recommend this pin? If you're into crafting and have the effort to go to the hardware store and buy all these things then YES I would. I like tedious work at times and honestly there are some days when I would leave the wreath alone in my room for like a week, then go back later and finish it. Maybe that's why I only had it up for 3 days lol. Did I mention that I minored in procrastination in college?

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<3 Josue