Monday, December 24, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #11: Snow Flakes Made Out of Old Keys

So as most of you know (which is probably none of you), I work at a Hardware Store here in the city. I got hired to help out with creating window displays, among other things. So when the Holidays started coming around, I couldn't wait to start making my display for December. We cut a lot of keys here and whenever we mess up on a cut we just toss the old keys in a bin. I thought..."these would be great snowflakes". The cuts in the keys make for some really interesting patterns, and when they're hung they look so nice. I didn't see this pin on Pinterest.....yet. So I thought I'd make it one. Here's the simple how to.

What You'll Need:

-Keys (I used 6-8 depending on the size of the keys)
-Washers (Mine were  1 3/4 in Diameter)
-Glue (for metal)
-Small Brush
-Something heavy to put pressure on Keys
-Spray Paint (optional)
-Glitter (Optional)
-Wire or Ribbon (for hanging)

Step 1:

Dab a little glue onto your washer, spread it out with a brush, then press your keys firmly onto washer. Don't over do it with the glue. It smells bad, highly flammable, and a little goes a long way. It should set in 5-10 minutes, and it's ready to handle after an hour.

Step 2:

Put something heavy onto the keys so it adds pressure. Let it dry for about 10 minutes.

Step 3:

Now turn the piece over and to do the same thing. This time you'll put the keys in between the openings so it looks like a snowflake.

Step 4:

Repeat step 2. Add weight and leave it for 10 minutes

Step 5:

So if you want to leave it silver, by all means go ahead. It looks great this way. Very industrial and the light it will reflect from your tree will look really pretty.

If not...then this is the time for you to spray paint and/or add some glitter. This way if you have a color scheme in your tree, then you can match it.

It would also look really nice if you had a bunch of different colored keys, or if some were a lot duller than others. Try searching at thrift shops or flea markets!

There you have it!

Now just hang and you're done.

I used a few master lock keys

I made all of these little cuties for my display at work. If you're in SF, stop by 1061 Folsom St and check it out!

Candy Canes Made Out of Conduit & Pipe Insulation 

Snow Man made of Buckets 

I'll add another photo with all the gifts I wrapped later

Fall Display Vs. Winter Display 

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