Friday, December 28, 2012

Pinterest Challenge #14- Nail Polish Gift Set

This Christmas I was very adamant about staying on a budget. I'm a post graduate who's priorities are Rent, Food, Laundry, and more food. I saw this pin a few months ago and I have a few friends who I think would really like it. Oh and if they didn't...then I don't really give a damn. ^_^

Here's the simple how to...

What You'll Need:

-Mason Jar
-Nail Polish(s)
-Cotton Pads (or balls)
-Nail Clipper
-Nail File
-Nail Buffer
-Travel Sized Nail Polish Remover

Step 1:

Layer your cotton pads at the bottom of the jar. Some people prefer to use cotton balls, but I hate using them to clean my nails. They're messy and the lint gets all over the place and they F@#$k up my manicure...and nobody wants that.

Step 2:

Fill with nail polish remover, nail polish, and buffer. Put the big items in first so that you can stuff the smaller items in between them.

Step 3:

Drop in your nail clippers and nail file, then seal the jar.

Step 4:

Decorate with some ribbon and it's all done!

I added a monogrammed letter to the top of the jar for each person. Just to give it a little something something.

Really quick and simple and these mason jar sets aren't pricey either. They make you look a little classier than some cheap insensitive friend who just buys a nail polish and stuffs it into a tacky bag.

Questions? Comments? Feedback? I would love to hear from you!

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<3 Josue

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  1. Great idea for my Christmas list.