Friday, December 27, 2013

Winter Time Essentials

In SF we are breaking some record cold chills. Last week it was in the mid 30's during morning commutes. I'm talking ice on buildings, and air that burned your face when riding your bike. I'm not complaining though, at least we don't have to shovel snow. #gratitude

Just because it's cold, doesn't mean we shouldn't be taking care of our bodies. These temperatures are the times that they need it the most. Dry winter skin, chapped lips, and peeling cuticles are not the business...I mean what would Beyonce do? Probably moisturize, drop a secret album, and then go to bed. 

Here are a few of my favorite things... (clockwise from top left)

1. Santa's Lip Scrub ($8.95): I've been a big fan of Lush's lip scrubs for a while now, I've been using Mint Julips since last year and I love it. This winter they came out with a new flavor, and let me tell you...I just want to spread this S#%@T on my hands and lick it off. Santa's lip scrub tastes like cherry cola, and I love that it's a little more dense than my previous sugar lip scrubs. Every morning after a shower I take a little dab, scrub my lips, and lick the rest off. My lips feel soft and fresh, and it's been a huge help this winter. 

2. Burt's Bees Nourishing Lip Balm w/ Mango Butter ($3.30-$5.00): I've never been a big fan of Chapstick. Whenever I used it I felt like I had this horrible residue all over my mouth and that was not cute. It's funny because Burt's nourishing lip balm is very creamy and normally that would bother me. I think because it actually works itself into your lips, it doesn't create a thick coating that makes you feel like you have Vaseline on your mouth. It smells great, and after a few days I noticed a huge difference from my dry chapped lips. 

3. Aveeno Protect + Hydrate Lotion Sunscreen ($9.99): Just because it's winter doesn't mean the sun can't damage your skin. The rays are still out there, they're definitely weaker than the sun in mid July, but they can still give you sunburns and damage your skin. Think about snowboarders or skiers, if you'v ever ridden or had a friend who does, sometimes you might notice a tan line around their goggles. So make sure you add a little on your face when you go outside. This little guy has seen some mixed reviews. If you visit the Aveeno website, you'll see that this lotion/sunscreen is a replacement for a former "Continuous Protection" sunscreen. I've been using this sunscreen for 2 years now, and I love it. It's creamy and doesn't leave a greasy residue on my skin. I love that it's both a sunscreen and moisturizer, it smells great, and it definitely helped me from getting any sun burns this summer. I've used it on my face, and I haven't had any breakouts or rashes. Obviously I'm speaking about my skin, and we all have different skin types, so use cautiously and watch for any kind of skin irritation. 

4. Burt's Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Creme ($6.00-$7.99): This....this Cuticle cream is my salvation. Before I bought this little container 3 years ago I was like "Who the hell needs cuticle cream?" That is nonsense...well after day 1 it was like angles came down from heaven and there was a beautiful light shinning on my newly moisturized cuticles. Not only does this smell amazing, it also REALLY works. I work in hardware and my hands are constantly getting roughed up and I'm also washing them over and over and it's not working in my favor. The dry, cracked, and brittle skin around my cuticles were begging for some kind of moisture. I highly recommend you invest in this! It's not greasy like other cuticle creams (I've used Lush's Lemony Fluttery, and it was not the business). It leaves a great scent on your hands, and it's also really good for the the heels of your feet, and dry elbows! 

What's your favorite winter time essential? 


Monday, December 2, 2013

Mini Hanging Planters

It's December...and yes I'm STILL talking about plants. I think I'm just in denial that it's getting colder and plants are shriveling up. 

I've had these 2" Ivy plants that I got from work for almost 2 months now and I still haven't potted them. I bought some mini terra cotta pots, but with all this humidity in San Francisco all my clay pots get moldy and no one has time for that. 

I was doing some organizing at work and I noticed these really big "O" rings and thought I could hang my mini ivies with them. I've seen a lot of different ways to hang plants, a lot of crocheting, knotting, etc. I wanted to incorporate all these pretty embroidery flosses that have been sitting under my bed, but I didn't want to JUST knot them over the pots. So I just took an O ring and tied 3 long pieces of embroidery floss and then I had some mini plant hangers.

Take a look...

What I used:

3- Ivy plants
3- Terra cotta pots (3")
Embroidery floss
Metal O rings (big enough for my pots)
Spray paint
C-hooks (for hanging)
Beyonce Playlist (not optional) 

First I spray painted the pots with a flat white (Krylon)

I did about 3 coats...

I like the flat white, it makes it look ceramic. 

Now it was time to dust off those embroidery flosses that have been longing to be used...

All the pretty colors! I cut three pieces of floss, all about arms length, I have a pretty tall window, it's also better to over-cut than under-cut. 

I took each piece and triple knotted them onto the O ring. Snip off the excess and repeat. 

Try to keep the monster away from the floss! He was ready to pounce....or just ready to lay in any kind of open box...

Cashew Cat
After I tied all the pieces, I screwed in a C-hook into the window frame and then tied my planter to the hook. 

That's it! Pretty simple and excluding the time I waited for the paint to try, this only took me about 20 minutes. 

What do you think?

My roommate said it was like looking into a garden.

I'm so happy for my medusa fern too! Look how big its gotten! Only 2 months time!


Questions? Comments? Feedback?

Have a wonderful December everyone! Now it's time for me start Christmas crafting!

< 3 Josue

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Donut Pumpkins

Being under the weather and last minute ideas left me without any creative ideas to carve pumpkins this year.

So instead I decided to do some simple pumpkins. I saw some cute painted donut pumpkins on Pinterest and of course I was all... "Ok, I can do that!"

This is my first year not carving pumpkins...I was trying to avoid the mess. Well, in reality I just made more of a mess....'s what I did this year

Let me show you how I did it!

First I used some spray paint and covered my pumpkin from top to bottom

Then it was time for the frosting!

I let it dry for a few hours, then I added the sprinkles!

(*****Note: I used a combination of Latex and Acrylic paint. Both paints have a tendency to peel off, so be careful when handling your painted pumpkin. Once you've finished your creation, you can then add some clear coat to keep everything sealed)

I just used some strips of double sided tape.

Use a dry brush and lightly remove any left over glitter.

Adorable no? Oh and I won the Pumpkin contest at work too...I mean no jk! I had some stiff competition! 

I can see that it looks like a year I will leave the stem natural and leave a ring around the middle. Or more realistically I will just forget about this pumpkin and never revisit the idea. 

I also made some really cute mini versions!

I got some mini white pumpkins and painted them with pink paint, then dashed some colors for sprinkles! 

Then I covered one with Elmer's glue and then blasted that little baby with didn't know what was coming...

What do you think? Cute? Adorable? Precious? Delicious? 

< 3 Josue 

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Last minute Halloween?

As usual......

I have all these really elaborate plans to make this really cool Halloween costume. So I go to the fabric store, buy a bunch of things and wait until the night before to make my costume.

In my defense I was pretty sick these past few weeks so I get a free pass this time. Right?

Well I needed a costume...and I found some cute ideas on Pinterest!

Here are my versions...

1. Social Butterfly

All I did was dress in all black, bought some butterfly wings, and then printed out social media logos.

I sewed them on to my shirt and then I was done!

I did get mistaken for the "I Phone fairy" and the "App Fairy".....but some people got my costume right away!

Then I had to dress up for my work pot luck...

2. I work at a hardware store and no one has time to be dressing up in butterfly wings and helping customers looking like a fool...

So I deiced to be the "Bee's Knees"!

Super simple! Just found some bumble bee clip art online, printed them out, laminated them and then taped them to my knees!

So they may not be extravagant...buuuuuuuut, they do the job!

Happy Halloween everyone!

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