Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Pinterest Challenge #17: Plastic Bottle Bag Sealer

So this is on of those pins you see on Pinterest all the time grouped with a bunch of other "Life Changing Ideas"

Everyone pins it, but nobody really does it.

I'm tired of looking at it so I thought I would give it a shot. Also...I have no life.

What You'll Need:
-A Bottle (Bigger ones likes Vitamin Water work really well)
-A Bag
-A Knife
-Scissors (Optional)
-Beyonce Playlist (Not Optional)

Step 1:  Cut Bottle

I cleaned it up a little...

Step 2: Twist the end of the bag and then shove that twisted in right through!

Step 3: Fold bag over and place cap on all cute!

Really....that's it.

Yay! It totally worked. I mean I'm not sure if I doubted it, but I've seen this 'ish on Pinterest for like 100 years now and doing in person makes me feel like a better man...

...I'm depressing. 


I tested it to see if it would pour....only two came out.

I gave it a shake and more popped out. So I mean I guess this is good for sealing, but not so much for measuring your ingredients. I'm sure something finer like rice would be better.

Or just shake it all cray...

You should give it a shot, it's pretty simple!

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<3 Josue 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Pinterest Challenge #16: DIY Valentine Cards

I was never big on Valentine's Day, I mean I hate crowds and I'm like always broke, so dinner and gifts and all this other garbage is just too much for me. Plus I hate red roses...

Especially if you're single, cause then you're just like on the whole "I'm single, I get can do whatever I want" kick, but inside you're like "WHY DOESN'T HE LOVE ME?!?!?!"

Anyways, I was reminiscing about when I used to go to the grocery store with my mom when I was a kid and I'd buy those little boxes of Valentine's Day cards and pass them out to all my class mates and I'd get alllll excited. So this year I thought I should make some cards myself. I found these ideas in Real Simple, and I'm sure it's on Pinterest somewhere so I thought I should try them out. 

We're a Perfect Match

What You'll Need:

-Card Stock/Craft Paper/Etc.
-Plastic Spoon
-Puzzle Pieces 
-King of Hearts Card
-Spray Paint
-Heart Hole Punch (Optional)
-Beyonce Playlist (Not Optional)

Step 1:

Make your card. I went with white card stock and then layered red printer paper on top. Fold in half, cut to size and you're set!

Step 2:

So before I glued my two sheets of paper together, I used a heart hole punch on the white sheet so the red would show through. You could also use a print or some hologram sheets to give a fancier effect, but I was like "Nah.."

Glue the sheets together and write your sappy love notes.

Step 3:

So now this is part where you glue your items on the front of your card and write the little sayings.

You've got:

"Let's Spoon"

"We're a Perfect Match"

"You Light Up My Life"

"You're Perfect to The Tea"

"King of My Heart"

"You Drive Me Nuts"

Use you're glue stick or some paper tack to stick your items on the front.

I stapled the tea bag 

There you have it! Some simple, inexpensive, DIY Valentine's Cards. These are guaranteed to get you at least some touchy touchy...I'm not responsible for any pregnancies...or visits to the clinic.

Have a Happy Valentine's!

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<3 Josue