Wednesday, April 3, 2013

One Wall At A Time

First I want to thank all my viewers and all the support I received from my friends and family for this blog. It started as a silly idea to keep myself occupied while I tried not to get depressed about being out of college and doing some soul searching. Never did I think that this little blog would get almost 8,000 hits.

Although I'm very far away from completing my 1,000 pins, I feel like I need to take this blog into a new direction.

Ever since I could remember, I always loved to decorate. My friends used their paychecks to buy clothes, and fancy dinners...while I was using mine on bed linens, frames, and paint. Now I think it's time to embrace that "interior designer" side of myself and dedicate this blog to that. Along with Pinterest challenges, "a few of my favorite things", and recipes, I will share my taste in home decor with you and hopefully inspire you guys to wall at a time.

<3 Josue

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