Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pinterest Challenge #18: Washing sandy, oily hands with baby powder.

This weekend was my first beach trip of the year (hopefully many more to come in the following months), and I was looking forward to a relaxing day with a good friend.

I saw this pin recently that suggested "washing" your hands with baby powder to remove all the sand from your precious little fingers. It seemed like such a great idea, because I hate getting covered in sand, especially while I'm trying to devour my bomb ass sandwich on a whole wheat roll covered in sunflower seeds....

I was skeptical at first, but then quickly came to the realization that it makes sense....only after my friend told me "yeah, that makes sense".

So here's how it works...

Since the powder is so fine, it dries and smoothes your hand, leaving a baby's bottom. The sand has nowhere to stick to anymore because the oils from your hand are covered in the powder. Just pour a bunch into your palm, rub all over, and then brush it off.

I was surprised it worked so well. I was skeptical, because I use tanning oil and I was like "Ok this 'ish isn't going to get the sand off my oily hands"...but alas it did.

I got this little cutie travel size bottle for like $1.

I would highly recommend bringing baby powder to the beach, because no one likes that gritty sandy feeling between their fingers or toes.

Now I need to find some new swim trunks

Mimosas and good weather 

Have a happy summer!

<3 Josue

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