Thursday, April 4, 2013

Sweet Succulent

It's spring...well I mean unless you live in SF and you're looking out your window, cause I just see grey, wind, and rain.

As I mentioned before I'm not really good with plants. They're usually dead before I blink my eyes twice. Within the past couple of months I've done some research on succulents, and their lack of attention & dependence made me want to grab a few...I'm not good with commitments. Well a few turned into 28...and now I have more terrariums than I can count. I started placing them around the house because my room was getting too cluttered. Even my roommates noticed their presence in the kitchen, pantry room, and the other shared spaces.

They're really easy to take care of, and terrariums are fun to make. Well, they are for me haha ^_^

Let me share a few with you

<3 Josue

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