Monday, May 27, 2013

Pallet Wall Shelf

I've seen so many DIY pallet ideas online. From coffe tables, vertical gardens, couches, and the list just goes on. Although I'm not feeling too ambitious to tackle a porch sectional made out of pallets, I think I can handle a simple shelf for all my new plants.

 Where to get a pallet?

I work at a hardware store, so getting pallets is a daily thing for us. I would try going to hardware stores, grocery stores, or any kind of place that gets pallet shipments. Normally they will sell them to you for a cheap price or just give them to you. Or if you can find one on the street then you're set!

I had mine cut for me about half the size. I just asked a co worker who had a rotary saw.

Shelf Brackets

I had some options here. I could have browsed around and looked for some pretty shelf brackets. I decided to go for the affordable plain Jane route mostly because my shelf will sit very low. So I won't be seeing my brackets unless I'm lying on the floor...and that won't happen too often...well I guess after a round of bottomless mimosas anything could happen.

I lined my shelf against the wall, placed my brackets in place, and then screwed them into place.

The next part was a little trickier for me to do alone, but I managed.

I grabbed a level, put my shelf against the wall and used a screwdriver to poke indents where I wanted my screws to go into the wall. I screwed in some anchors, then put my shelf up and screwed the screws in. Now that I had it against the wall I was able to poke indents into the other shelf brackets (the left and right one). I took the shelf off again, then added anchors where I need them and then screwed it back to the wall. It took about 10-15 minutes total.

You can avoid this entirely if you have someone to help you hold the shelf, but in Beyonce's words "I've got me, myself and I".

Plus Cashew was busy playing with my new fabric lantern.....

"Thanks for the new toy daddy!"

Now it's all done! No thanks to cashew....

What do you guys think?

Questions? Comments? Feedback?

I would love to hear from you!

<3 Josue

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