Saturday, November 2, 2013

Donut Pumpkins

Being under the weather and last minute ideas left me without any creative ideas to carve pumpkins this year.

So instead I decided to do some simple pumpkins. I saw some cute painted donut pumpkins on Pinterest and of course I was all... "Ok, I can do that!"

This is my first year not carving pumpkins...I was trying to avoid the mess. Well, in reality I just made more of a mess....'s what I did this year

Let me show you how I did it!

First I used some spray paint and covered my pumpkin from top to bottom

Then it was time for the frosting!

I let it dry for a few hours, then I added the sprinkles!

(*****Note: I used a combination of Latex and Acrylic paint. Both paints have a tendency to peel off, so be careful when handling your painted pumpkin. Once you've finished your creation, you can then add some clear coat to keep everything sealed)

I just used some strips of double sided tape.

Use a dry brush and lightly remove any left over glitter.

Adorable no? Oh and I won the Pumpkin contest at work too...I mean no jk! I had some stiff competition! 

I can see that it looks like a year I will leave the stem natural and leave a ring around the middle. Or more realistically I will just forget about this pumpkin and never revisit the idea. 

I also made some really cute mini versions!

I got some mini white pumpkins and painted them with pink paint, then dashed some colors for sprinkles! 

Then I covered one with Elmer's glue and then blasted that little baby with didn't know what was coming...

What do you think? Cute? Adorable? Precious? Delicious? 

< 3 Josue