Thursday, January 2, 2014

Glitter Snowman Ornament

Here's a simple and festive DIY ornament.

All you need is:

-Clear ornament
-Pledge Floor Polish
-Glue dots
-Double sided tape

Start by filling your ornament with the floor polish, swish it around so the entire thing is coated inside. Pour out any excess back into the container.

Once it gets a little tacky (1 minute), pour your glitter into the ornament. I made a cone out a of piece of paper. Add enough glitter to coat the entire ornament. Let set for a minute or so then put the top back onto the ornament.

Now add two glue dots for the eyes

Sprinkle with glitter and brush off any excess with a dry brush.

Cut a little triangle out of the double sided tape and then sprinkle with orange glitter

Now make a smile with dots, cover in glitter and ta-da! Hang in your tree and make sure your cat doesn't try to kill it....

Cute? Beautiful? Tacky?'s 1 week until Christmas.

xoxo Josue