Monday, March 24, 2014

DIY Geometric Table Makeover

In my last post I shared my kitchen makeover with you guys.

I'm still in love with it and I'm so happy every time I step foot into my newly redecorated kitchen.

BUT...this damn ugly table was ruining my life and I needed it to be redone ASAP. I was looking for some inspiration and it was hard to settle with one idea.

My Dad and I built this table about a year ago. He had this tabletop that he got from my uncle a while back, and we went to the lumber yard for the legs. It's really sturdy and did the job while we used it as counter space, but I wanted a place to sit in my kitchen. A few weeks ago I found these persimmon colored stools on Craigslist for $15! They matched my Kitchen-Aid perfectly!

So back to my makeover...I know I wanted something that stood out, and I wasn't sure if I wanted to get crazy with colors, or glitter. Don't judge me, I thought about covering the whole thing with sparkles lol.

I looked and looked until I stumbled upon this really creative DIY. Once I saw it I  was like "That's it!"

Not only do I love the tutorial but I love that the blog is run by two other gay/queer (however they identify themselves) men. Personally, I feel like it's hard to find other men out there who like crafting and DIY-ing and also other men who don't feel the need to make everything hyper-masculine when they actually do craft. Please check out all of their tutorials!

I loved the geometric patterns and colors that they used. The finished result was well worth their wait.

I wanted a different color scheme and I loved the gold that I incorporated in my kitchen and I felt like I wanted the table to be a key piece of furniture, and what a better way to tie the entire room together than to use those accent colors on my table?

So I decided to use white as the background and then gold for the triangles. First I sanded the table, wiped it clean with a damp cloth, and then took off any excess debris with a tack cloth. Then I sprayed the table with Krylon semi-gloss white, I ended up using two cans to get a clean and even finish.

Excuse the horrible photos

*Remember: When you're using spray paint, don't hold the nozzle down and just attack your surface. You want to fire multiple light shots and stay at last 8-12 inches away. If you're too close or stay in one spot too long, then you start to create puddles and nasty streaks that make your end result look sloppy and unattractive. Do multiple light coats, rather than fewer heavy coats. 

After following their instructions here, I started to tape off the sections to form the pattern. It took a lot of trial and error since I didn't have a long enough straight edge and I would get confused about where I was placing my tape (on the inside or outside of my mark).

I made dashes so I knew what side the tape would go on

I was like "FINALLY!" 

After about an hour or so I was finished. I then sprayed it with the Rustoleum gold spray paint. Like I noted above, take your time with the spray paint and do multiple light coats rather than a few heavy coats. Once the paint was dry I took the tape off and checked for any pencil marks that were left on the table. I erased the pencil marks, and then brushed off any debris.

Don't worry, the second coat will make it look a lot more even

I let it dry for about an hour, then topped everything with Krylon's lacquer finish. I used about two coats, waiting 15 minutes between each coat. I let it be for about an hour, then took it indoors to cool off from the sun (I didn't have any shade on my roof). It was time for me and my cat to take a little nap...

I absolutely love the end results! The geometric pattern looks so great, the gold pops so well against the white, and it's a complete 180 from that sad grey/purple table I had before.

What do you think?

Later this week I'll be modifying the table so the legs sit farther from each other. Right now it's kind of cramped when two people are sitting on the stools. After I do that, I'll end up painting the table legs white. I'll be sure to keep you updated when I finalize the complete look.

Questions? Comments? Feedback?



  1. OOOOH! It came out AWESOME! I love white and gold together, I've been really getting into that lately! Did you seal it with anything to protect from kitchen life? Minwax Polycrylic is really really easy to use, I love it - I once painted it on some TV trays when I lived in an apartment, and they got daily, horrible, unspeakable abuse & they always held strong.

    Looks really good! So happy you liked my tutorial! I know, aren't the triangles friggin confusing at first?!?!

  2. PS - I'd love to follow your blog & receive email updates in my inbox... have you set up with feedburner yet? It should be in your blogger layout... let me know if you do! I'll be the first to sign up. Email me if you need any help settin up shop! 9redinfo @ gmail

  3. Jesse,

    Thank you, I'm glad you like it! I just used a lacquer spray paint to seal the paint. I don't think I have set up feedburner yet. I'll email you and ask you about it. Thanks!