Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Kitchen Makeover!

Words can't begin to describe how much I love my new kitchen makeover.

Slowly but surely my roommates and I talked about painting the walls and adding some decor to make it feel more "lived in". Well months passed, work got busier, our time became occupied with our lovers, and we tried to avoid my evil cat who stalks us in the hallways. Well one day I saw this DIY kitchen storage post on Pinterest, the storage idea was cute but all I could concentrate on was the amazing color on the walls. It was a really beautiful deep colored pink. I know, I know..."Pink walls? That will get old quick". Normally I would agree with you, but these walls were amazing! The pink had hints of red so it wasn't obnoxiously in your face pink, but more of a bold "take a look at me and enjoy the view" kind of pink.

Before: It's cute and has a lot of potential!
$15 Bar stools that I found on Craigslist. They match my Kitchen-Aid perfectly! 

I picked up some swatches from my work and took them home for some evaluation. After a couple of days of tough decision making, my roommate and I decided to go with Dutch Boy's "Cerise Sorbet".

The next day I started painting and realized that this color was going to take about three coats to get an even finish.

"Pink is the flavor"

I'm going to be honest, once I finished my first coat I was like....."this looks like shit". I started having mini pink panic attacks, but waited offing myself until I finished the second coat.

Things eventually came together and I was starting to see my original vision of a amazing pink kitchen.

After my second coat I started to repaint some old shelves and frames. I used Krylon Fusion satin white for my shelves, and then Rustoleum gold for my frames.

Best gold spray paint out there

The next day I added my third coat early in the morning and then by 5pm I was ready to start hanging all my shelves and frames!

Before (I have plant obsession)

Shelves before a coat of paint

Two coats of Krylon's white fusion paint

I also picked up a really cute cookie jar that looked like a San Francisco house and put it above the stove with some other knickknacks.

All in all, it ended up looking really amazing! There are some last minute details that I want to add, like some more frames and some more plants, but so far I'm in love!

What do you think?


Before the chalkboard paint went up


Now...the living room....(it's a nightmare)

p.s. Stay tuned for my kitchen table makeover!

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