Sunday, May 4, 2014

Sunday Lemonades (Apricot & Strawberry)

I grew up with fruit trees in our backyard, we had cherries, apricots, blackberries, and lemons. Every summer it was such a treat to go outside and pick a lemon at a whim, or sit in the yard with a bowl of cherries and apricots.

So in honor of my childhood memories I decided to make some lemonade this beautiful sunny sunday. I went to the market and picked up some lemons and I noticed they had some delicious looking apricots. I thought..."why not make apricot lemonade?"

I've seen a lot of strawberry and peach lemonade recipes online, but no apricot versions so I thought I would introduce you to something new.

You'll Need:

6-10 Lemons (1 1/2 cup lemon juice)
6-8 Cups of Water
3/4 Cups of Blue Agave Nectar (Simple syrup or sugar will work)
10-12 Apricots 

Start by squeezing your lemons...make sure you roll them with the palm of your hand first so that all the juices start flowing out of then lemon.

Once you have your 1 1/2 cups of lemon juice, add to a pitcher with 6 cups of water and 3/4 cups of agave, stir and set aside. I like my lemonade on the sour side, so add more water and agave if you need to smooth it out for your fancy pallet.

Next, wash your apricots and cut them in half, and throw into a blender, food processor, or a magic bullet....

I added  little bit of lemonade to help them blend better.

Blend it up until there aren't any chunks left.

For my apricot lemonade I did a 1:1 ratio. My apricots were exceptionally tart today so I added a splash of water to it.

For the strawberry lemonade I pretty much did the same, blended a handful (1/2 cup) of strawberries and did a 1:1 ratio and it was delicious.

This is a prefect drink for summer, and if you feel like being a lush go ahead and add vodka.

Now I'm going to sit back, watch some Rupaul's Drag Race and drink some lemonade...


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